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Google 4 Business
  • Google 4 Business

    This is the first step for all start-up businesses.


    1. Create a free Gmail Account to use for business, ie., or link an existing *Google Workspace business email

    2. Showcase a professional Email Signature 

    3. Activate business profile on Google Maps

    4. Boost website rankings with Google Search Console

    5. Create Google Analytics account

    6. Link Analytics and Search Console accounts


    When you search businesses in Google you will notice active businesses have listings pop up on the right-hand side of your search screen. These business profiles help customers and potential clients (regardless of your SEO ranking) validate your business information at first glance.



    trading hours

    directions (optional)

    service area


    business reviews

    links to social media


    business posts/promotions

    and more...


    Once listed you can make sudden or planned changes to your operating hours direct from the Google Maps app on the fly. It’s the most beneficial thing you can do to boost business search rankings on the world wide web. 

    • If you already have an active Google Workspace account, the above tasks can be linked to your business email instead.

      Refer business email setup if you're looking to purchase a professional email address that links to your domain i.e. through Google Workspace.

    • Once setup, make irregular promotional posts direct from Google Maps or your Business Profile to keep your Google listing fresh - this significantly helps your Google search rankings!

    Excluding GST
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