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Professional Email Setup
  • Professional Email Setup

    Business Folk sets you up with a professional business email address on a Google Workspace plan, with complimentary Google Drive cloud storage to support and sync your business files online.


    Professional emails for businesses are key. They have greater protection for you and your business and are linked to your domain, i.e. - Google Workspace plans also come with document file sharing storage and share plans courtesy of Google Drive, helping you free up space on all your devices. is the best way to clear your computer and have all your business emails, documents and photos accessible wherever you are! This package aids business efficiency by reducing the workload of filing and sorting unwanted emails.



    - Linking and verifying your business domain, i.e.

    - All background Google Admin and Gmail settings to protect your business

    - 10% off Google Workspace subscription fee for the first year with Business Folk affiliate code

    - Professional email signature, including logo

    - Import / Migrate / Foward from former email provider

    - Setup email filters and folders to get you started with automated categorisation for future emails

    - Google Drive account setup with 30GB cloud storage on the Business Starter plan


    Google Workspace collaboration tools to benefit your business included:

    Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more.

    Refer here for further explanation and questions regarding Google Workspace benefits.


    NOT Included:

    - Google Workspace subscription fees - plans from $8.40 per user/month (charged annually to credit card by Google)

    - Computer/phone integration with programs like OUTLOOK or MAIL (*refer info below)

    • An excellent cloud-based storage system and file sharing platform. Keep your business files, photos and important documents safe and accessible across all computers, smartphones and tablets. It's the best way to prevent clogging your computer with unneccessary files. Plus you can easily share documents and chosen folders with employees, family and the general public.

      Computer install instructions can be found here

    Excluding GST
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